Getting Started

Connecting to Google Sheets

To get started, visit your map in the dashboard, then go to Settings > Location Sync. Then, follow the instructions on the page:

  • Click on the Copy Template button when prompted. This will take you to a page where you will be asked to confirm to copy the spreadsheet template. Click Make a copy to confirm.

  • Grant Boldmapper edit access to your new spreadsheet. Click Share on the top-right of the page and add the following email as an Editor: Your share settings should look similar to this:

Note: You are free to add other collaborators to your spreadsheet, but you must ensure that boldmapper-sync is present as an Editor for sync to work properly.

  • Once you've granted Boldmapper access, copy the spreadsheet's URL and paste it into the Boldmapper settings page where prompted.

Once the spreadsheet is linked, you will see a confirmation message and the locations from your map will begin syncing automatically.

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