Adding Locations

Now that we've configured our map. Let's add some locations!

There are two ways to add locations. You can manually enter a location by clicking "Add Location" or you can import a CSV (comma-separated values) file with your locations.

For demonstration purposes, we'll start by importing some locations from a CSV containing the address of some local public libraries. You can download an example CSV to try it yourself.

If you have the addresses for your locations, here is how the CSV should be formatted:


Address Line 1

Address Line 2




Zip code




Albany Library

1247 Marin Avenue



United States



Castro Valley

3600 Norbridge Avenue

Castro Valley


United States



You can also replace the address lines with longitude and latitude coordinates if you have them.

Once you have your CSV, click on "Import Locations". You can now drag and drop your CSV file or click "browse files" to upload.

Choose "I Have Addresses" if your import has addresses or "I Have Coordinates" if your CSV has longitude and latitude.

Next, we will map your CSV columns to the columns in our database. The first step we are presented with is mapping the "name" column. Choose the values that should represent the name of your location.

Once you've selected a column, click "Select & Continue" to move to the next column. In this case, we are asked to choose the data that represents the street.

Continue through until you have mapped all of the required columns. If there is a column that you don't have data for, you can choose "Skip Column".

If there are any columns remaining that do not match up with our required column, you can then choose the ones you would like to import as Custom Attributes. Custom Attributes can be displayed on the location information card in the embed.

Once you've selected all the columns your locations will be imported and geocoded. You can return to the dashboard safely while they are importing. If you have a lot of locations, this may take a while.

Now that we've imported all of our locations, let's add the map to our site!

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