Creating Your First Map

After signing up for your account you will see two things; a request to add a Mapbox API key to your account and a request to create your first map.
The dashboard after signing up
Let's start by adding a Mapbox token to our account. We use Mapbox to render the maps in the Boldmapper embed. Mapbox is billed separately from Boldmapper, you can view their plans and pricing here.
Once you sign up for Mapbox, you will see your "Access Token" listed on the Mapbox Dashboard. We recommend starting out with the "Default public token" that they have generated for you.
Copy your access token from Mapbox
The token will start with pkand look like this:
Now that we have our Mapbox Access Token copied, let's add it to Boldmapper. Return to the Boldmapper dashboard and click on the "Add Key" link in the banner at the top of the page.
Click on "Add Key" to associate your Mapbox Account
A modal will pop up, paste the key into the input and click "Add Key".
Mapbox Key Modal
After adding the key, you can now create your Map. Let's click on "Create New Map" to start building a Boldmapper Map.
On the next screen you can name and customize your map. Enter a name for you map, choose your perferred map styles and marking types.
You can then select the initial location of your map by dragging your mouse around the map demo or selecting a location from the location search or entering the geographical coordinates directly.
Toggle "Use coordiantes" to enter longitude and latitude
You can then choose your distance units and time format. The time format is usefull if you intend on setting store or business hours for your locations.
Click "Save" to finalize your configuration.