How to install Boldmapper for Squarespace.

1. Get your embed code from your map Settings page

Under the section entitled Manual Installation, copy the JavaScript snippet to your clipboard.

2. Install embed code on Squarespace

  • Sign in to your Squarespace account.

  • In the left side menu choose Settings

  • In the left side menu choose Advanced, then select Code Injection

  • In the Footer input, paste your Boldmapper embed code.

  • In the upper left corner, click Save

Code Injection in Squarespace requires a Premium plan, currently represented by their Business and Commerce plans

3. Put the Map container where you want it

Once the JavaScript snippet is installed you will need to add your map container to one of your Squarespace pages. This code can go pretty much anywhere. It is based on your preference. Many people like to put it on their Contact page.

  • Go to the Boldmapper Settings page for your map

  • Under Manual Installation, find the HTML Snippet and copy it to your clipboard.

  • Choose the page you would like to add the snippet to by going to Pages, then selecting a page.

  • Click Edit in the upper left of the page preview.

  • Scroll to where you would like to add your map, either click on the + icon to add a new blank section or add your map to an existing section by clicking on the divider icon.

  • You should now see the menu above, click on the Code option under More.

  • You should now see the Code editor where you can add your markup, paste your Boldmapper HTML Snippet into this editor and then click Apply.

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