Adding to Your Site

There are several ways you can add the Boldmapper embed to your site. For this guide, we'll be using the "Direct Embed" approach because it is the most versatile and relatively easy to implement.

We also offer these additional guides if you are using Wordpress or a specific service provider:


For now though, let's give the Direct Embed approach a whirl!

Direct Embed

Directly embedding the Boldmapper widget in your site will require two things, a JavaScript tag and an HTML snippet. Visit your map's "Settings" tab to find the "Manual Installation" section.

The JavaScript <script> tag should be added right before the closing </body> tag of your page. Copy and paste this tag into your pages source code.

The "HTML Snippet" can go wherever you'd like to have your map rendered on the page.

After reloading your page you will see your new Store Locator widget!

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